As an integrated alternative and renewable energy company that invests in early stage alternative energy projects, our direct environmental and social impacts are limited. However, we conduct comprehensive analysis of the impact of our environmental, social and governance strategy on our operating environment on an ongoing basis. We strive to create long-term value for our shareholders but at the same time are committed to growth initiated on socially-responsible actions and behaviors. Our systems, processes, and standards are continuously improved upon, and we focus on reducing risks and increasing efficiencies.

Some of our sustainable initiatives include empowering communities through entrepreneurship and education and leveraging the value in our diversity.

Corporate Social Investment

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, continuously looking for newways to increase our impact and reach in South Africa’s disadvantaged communities. We are passionate about contributing to the communities in which we operate by improving the lives of the people in and around our sending areas.

At Renergen, we have some initiatives that we have committed to from small one-off initiatives to larger longer term projects that are sustainable and provide greater benefits for disadvantaged South African communities.