exploration rights

Tetra4 and joint venture partner, White Rivers Exploration, secured Technical Cooperation Permits (TCP) that cover two areas in the Free State on 16 September 2016. The permit allows us to investigate the potential gas resources in each area and identify and assess gas targets from a variety of potential traps sites including coal bed methane, biogenic gas trapped in deep seated structures and conventional gas within sandstone units above coal seams. The research and concurrent identification of sensitive environmental features will form the basis of a submission for Exploration Rights, in the future. Details of the areas covered are listed below.

Kroonstad, Free State

Location: 15 km east of Kroonstad
Size of area covered by TCP: 33 605.29 hectares

Heilbron, Free State

Location: 5 km northeast of Heilbron
Size of area covered by TCP: 15 823.29 hectares

Geology for Kroonstad and Heilbron: The lower Karoo Supergroup (Dwyka and lower Ecca Groups) contain abundant coal deposits and intercalcated carbonaceous mudstones known to generate methane gas by thermal maturation. This carbonaceous material is typically deeper than 300 m below surface to provide the correct pressure and temperature conditions for gas generation.

The intrusion of dolerite dykes and sills enhances the generation of gas due to thermal effects and the middle Ecca shales and dolertic sills often provide impermeable cap rock under which gas accumulates. This gas typically occurs toward the base of the Karoo Supergroup in the more permeable Dwyka and lower Ecca sandstones with gas more prevalent above the flanks of the pre-Karoo topographic highs.