Environmental sustainability and protection are at the forefront of our operation, and we ensure that all our contractors and suppliers adhere to the guiding principles behind our business. By ensuring compliance, we believe the extraction of gas can be both environmentally friendly and sustainable and most importantly be harmonious with other farming and industrial activities in the area.

As the first and only production license we are setting a precedent in everything that we do and to this end we focus on compliance, sustainability, and innovation.

  • Currently, we are in possession of an approved Environmental Management Plan for all our upstream activities.
  • We are in the process of completing a full Environmental Impact Assessment for our midstream and downstream activities which include:
    • a sensitivity planning approach
    • specialist studies which include air quality and sensitive receptors, ecology (fauna and flora), economic, geohydrology, heritage and archaeology, land capability and land use, noise, social and soils
    • a detailed closure costing and rehabilitation plan which is being developed.

The sensitivity planning approach emphasizes Tetra4’s commitment to duly considering the environment and the impact of proposed activity by ensuring that environmental aspects are considered as early as the planning stage following the company’s tiered approach to environmental concerns which includes:

  1. Avoidance
  2. Mitigation/management
  3. Off-setting